Understanding Islam

The Prophet Muhammad

I have some mixed feelings about the documentary but overall I feel that this is a decent telling of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, though nothing compares to the excellent commentary of Martin Lings’ Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources (See Recommended Reading). There are a few facts I could dispute in this documentary but for the individual who knows little or nothing of the life of the Prophet of Islam, this History Channel documentary is an good first step!

The Middle East

Who if fighting whom in Syria?

I am constantly asked what is actually going on in Syria, and which countries are allied with specific sides. One of my favorite videos to give a quick overview of what is going on is Syria was created by BBC News. I will say that I do not feel the video provides a complete insight on the conflict, and that the stance of Kurdish forces is not as simple as the video portrays. Regardless, the video provides an accurate depiction of the complexity of the conflict currently happening in the Middle East.